How to share guides as rich embeds

Share your guides as rich embeds and organize your workspace with tags.

Chris Schilling
2 min read
August 11, 2022
We're back with more updates and improvements to. We're excited to introduce two new features that make sharing guides with your customers and coworkers easier than ever.

Check out the video below and continue reading to learn more. 👇

👾 Embed your guides

Maximize visibility and impact by embedding your Driveway guides directly into your websites, tools, and docs. Just copy and paste the snippet from any guide's share menu to render a rich, interactive version wherever your users need it most.
🏷 Tag your guides

Keep your workspace organized and help your team find what they need with tags. You can now add tags to any guide in your Driveway workspace and apply tags in your custom filters to quickly view relevant content.
🔗 Early access: Share Live View with a link
Since our Product Hunt launch back in June, tons of users have asked for a way to share the Live View guides they've created of their own products without requiring their end users to download the Driveway Chrome extension.

That's why we're building a way for you to share your Live View guides with just a link. This feature will be widely available soon, but you can request early access by following the link below. 🚀

→ Request early access

And that's all for now! We hope you like these product changes. As always, please send any thoughts, feedback, or issues our way.

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