The latest releases and improvements to Driveway.

Feb 26, 2021

Curate knowledge with Topics

Good knowledge management helps you find signal in the noise. With all the messages, collaboration tools, and meetings your team uses to get their jobs done, it can be hard to know what deserves your attention.

We think the best way to create that signal is through curation. This week, we added Topics to Driveway as our first step towards building world-class knowledge curation tools for teams. Topics are a flexible and lightweight way to organize content so you can stay on top of the things that are most important to you.

Topics are created as you and your team post to Driveway through what we had previously called "#tags". They can be created manually or Driveway can suggest topics based on your content. Topics can then be followed and pinned to your sidebar for easy access. Unlike a typical file folder, posts can live in more than one Topic.

Topics are a great way to start organizing team knowledge and keep the stuff you care about front and center. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Other improvements and fixes

— We added roles, departments, and some metrics to the People and Teams page.
— Posts now have a detail page—soon this will be a place to see related info and comments.
— The background color of link previews now changes on hover.
— We spent some time on end of month maintenance to speed up our deployment pipeline.

Feb 19, 2021

🤗 It's about people... and teams

Knowledge management should be a team sport—something that everyone in your company is empowered to actively participate in.

This week, we added a People & Teams page to help organizations model and leverage their expertise. This is a great place to start if you need help on a specific topic or just want to connect with someone that shares your interests.

We also believe that existing knowledge management software over-indexes on content alone. It ignores the relationships between people working together and what they know. Driveway works to understand you and your team, helping it deliver better discovery and curation experiences.

Think of it like being able to Slack exactly the right person, at exactly the right time, and have them reply immediately with an answer—just way, way better for you and your team. 🙏

Other improvements and fixes

— Search got a nice visual update and some slick animations
— Driveway link previews in Slack will now display with proper mrkdwn formatting
— We added some user onboarding improvements as we continue to open up access
— Added a new template to help Growth teams share user feedback with their Product team

Feb 12, 2021

🤖 Automated tagging

This week, we focused on making Driveway's composer more powerful and enjoyable to use.

One new feature that we're really excited about is automated tagging powered by GPT-3. You can now have Driveway generate tags for you, based on the content you've written, by clicking the 'Tags' button in the composer.

Our goal is to take the hard work of organizing knowledge off of your team's plate whenever we can reliably do so. This is our first step towards building a smarter knowledge management experience. Expect some more exciting updates and releases over the next few weeks.

🍽 Top templates

Whether you want to create consistent documentation or are just looking to save some time, templates in Driveway are an efficient way to capture team knowledge. Triggering a template pre-populates the composer with placeholder text and tags.

Driveway comes with a few templates out-of-the-box, but we're evaluating adding more and even considering a template builder to create your own. Let us know what you think!

🎨 Formatting

We also added support for markdown, making it easier for you to communicate what you're learning, or copy and paste your knowledge elsewhere. Use markdown syntax or the quick actions in the formatter to apply styles to your knowledge entries. We've also added a preview button so you can see what your entry will look like before you post it.

Other improvements and fixes

— Markdown support for styling knowledge added to Driveway from Slack
— Adding a 👏   to knowledge entries is now much faster
— The composer is now wider, giving you more typing room
— Added focus ripple to buttons to improve navigating Driveway with a keyboard

Feb 5, 2021

🏠 Home improvements

Driveway makes it easy and fun for teams to bring all of their knowledge into one place. This week, we made some small, but meaningful improvements to Driveway's home page to make this experience even better.

A new single-column layout makes the knowledge feed more performant, as well as easier to sort and scan. Although we liked Driveway's old masonry grid layout because it helped users view more entries at once, it was slow and hard to prioritize which entries users should read first.

We also added link previews make it easier to understand the context and evidence behind a Driveway entry. Youtube videos can now be attached to entries and played within Driveway. This is a great way to share relevant lessons or how-to's with the rest of your team.

🏅Team leaderboard

We also introduced a leaderboard to help teams understand and track contributions to their shared knowledge base. It's fun to review at the end of the week and a great way to celebrate the knowledge management work that often goes unnoticed.

Other improvements and fixes

— Added virtualization to the knowledge feed to speed up loading on infinite scroll
— Slack app now displays content added to Driveway in channel
— Link previews now have a hover state