How Opus uses Driveway to keep new hire training consistent as their team scales

Written by

Harrison Johnson

Published on

September 22, 2021

Rachael Nemeth didn’t go from front-line restaurant worker to CEO of restaurant tech company, Opus, overnight - it took a sharp mind and a ton of hard work.

That doesn’t mean that onboarding her first employees was easy though.

“Jeff joined as my technical co-founder, so he onboarded our first few engineers. When I hired my first sales person, I felt like I had to download my entire brain.”

Every new hire needs a plan. Thankfully, Rachael wasn’t alone in putting one together.

She shared her Notion content with the Driveway Solutions team and after a one-week onboarding period Carly’s onboarding plan was created.

“All it took was one 15 minute meeting. Then I shared my Notion content with them, I answered any questions over Slack, and after one week my entire plan was written - just how I wanted.”

Rachael and Carly were able to add to-do’s and comments to Carly’s plan as the week went on. They both were able to track progress, and once it was finished, they now had a template for their next hire.

“Driveway has made onboarding our rapidly growing team easy while keeping the experience personal for each new employee. Our team loves it and I sleep better knowing that we’re gaining efficiency as we expand.”

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