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The Ultimate Guide to Writer's Free Content Tools

Chrissy DiBrigida
August 18, 2023
1 min read
Writer is a full-stack content growth tool that is changing the way individuals and teams deliver high quality content outputs.

With Writer's free offering you can use tools like Rewrite, Keep Writing and Suggestions to enhance your content with the help of generative AI.

This blog post will guide you on Writer's basic features like Rewrite, Keep Writing and Suggestions to get you started:

Rewrite uses AI to modify the structure and tone of your document. Enrich, Shorten, Rephrase or Simplify content with the help of Rewrite.

1.  Select a page in your Writer workspace
2. Highlight your selected text and click the Writer “W” icon
3. Select a rewrite style from the dropdown menu
4. Modify tone by clicking the three black dots
5. Select a new tone for your rewrite
6. Select replacement text from your rewrite dropdown

Keep Writing
Keep writing extends your content with the help of text generated Ai. Here’s how to use Keep Writing for your content.
1.   Select a page from your Writer Workspace
2.   Highlight the paragraph/paragraphs you want to extend and click the       Writer “W”
3.  Click “Keep writing”

Suggestions in Writer hold you accountable for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. Here’s how to increase the integrity of your content with the help of suggestions.
1.   Select a page from your Writer Workspace
2.  In the right sidebar you can accept grammar suggestions by clicking the      green highlighted text
3.  Ignore suggestions by clicking the trash iconClick the three black dots for     “more options” to report if a suggestion is wrong.

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