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How to add Today's Tasks to your Salesforce Lightning Homepage

Chrissy DiBrigida
August 14, 2023
1 min read
Salesforce Lightning is a major redesign of Salesforce - and for the most part users love it.

However - it can require some tricky customizations to add Today's Tasks to Salesforce Lightning homepage.

Here's how.

Salesforce doesn't currently support custom filters in Today's Tasks. The best workaround is creating a new list view component and adding that to your Home page.

For this example, we're going to create a filter for High Priority tasks.

1: We'll start by creating a new custom view for Tasks

2: Go to the Tasks object 

3: Click the “Select a List View” button 

4: Click “Today's Tasks” 

5: Click the “List View Controls” button 

6: Click “Clone” 

7: Click on the name field

8: Type “Today's High Priority Tasks” into the “*List Name” text field 

9: Make sure all users can see this list view: This is a requirement for displaying a custom list view component on the Salesforce Home page 

10: Click "all users can see this list view"

11: Click Save 

12: Now add a filter to just show High Priority tasks 

13: Click “Field, Assigned Alias” 

14: Click "Priority"

15: Click the "value" dropdown 

16: Click “High” 

17: Click "Done"

18: Click the “Save” button 

19: Now, navigate back to the Home page to add this view to your Home page layout 

20: Click “Home” 

21: Click the “Setup” button 

22: Click “Edit Page” 

23: Drag the list view from the list of Standard components into the section you'd like it to display on: Here' I'm going to just put it above the default Today's Tasks component 

24: Click on the "Object" field

25: Select the "Tasks" object 

26: Click on the "Filter" field

27: Select the custom list view you created earlier in this guideThis will act as the list view's filter 

28: Click the “Save” button 

29: Click the “Activate” buttonThese changes won't show up on the Home page unless this is activated 

30: Click “Back” 

31: And that's it! You just added a custom list view component to your Home page  🎉

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