How to Add AI-Generated Voiceovers From Text

With Driveway's new feature you can now create AI-generated voiceovers to your guides. Voiceovers are created from your guides existing text to create a more immersive step-by-step learning experience.

Chrissy DiBrigida
3 min read
September 6, 2022
here's how to add and create ai generated voiceovers from text with our product update!
Driveway's AI-generated voiceovers makes guides more accessible and reinforces workflows for all types of learners. Plus, you save time previously spent on recording voiceovers yourself, or taking multiple takes of a video.

Here's how to create AI-generated voiceover for your Driveway Guides ➡️

Why Are Voiceover's Important? ⭐️

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards using text-to-speech technology to create voiceovers, as they can sound very similar to human speech. Our new text-to-speech voiceover feature is an important addition to your how-to guides because it can improve the accessibility, engagement, and usability of content.

Driveway's AI-generated voiceovers also make how-to guides more engaging and informative. Voiceovers create immersive learning experiences, as users can listen to the text and follow along with the visuals.

Ai-generated voiceovers are also a cost-effective and efficient way to create content. We have all wasted time repeating takes of a video to get our wording right. Now, Driveway reads steps for you and produces high-quality results every-time.

Here's how your guide will look and sound while using our new AI-generated voiceover feature!

Ready to use AI-Generated Voiceovers? 📢

Start using Driveway's new AI-generated voiceovers today when upgraded to a Pro subscription, now only $10 per user/per month.

To learn more about Driveway's new features and subscription plans click here.

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