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How Opus keeps new hire training consistent across their hybrid workforce

Rachael Nemeth didn’t go from front-line restaurant worker to CEO of restaurant tech company overnight - it took a sharp mind and a ton of hard work.

Harrison Johnson
2 min read
September 22, 2021
- About:
Food tech, Hybrid workforce, 10 employees, hiring Account Executive
- Before:
Rachael, CEO, spending time writing how-to guides in Notion
- After:
Driveway writes how-to guides for her, Rachael exports them to Notion

Opus is a training platform for front-line workers. Rachael Nemeth, their CEO, didn’t go from front-line restaurant worker to building a restaurant tech company, it took a sharp mind and a ton of hard work.

That doesn’t mean that onboarding her first employees was easy though.

“Jeff joined as my technical co-founder, so he onboarded our first few engineers. When I hired my first sales person, I felt like I had to download my entire brain.”

Rachael had written some step-by-step guides in Notion for how to use Outreach, ZoomInfo, and Hubspot - but she also needed to be selling.

"I didn't want to hand off out-of-date process docs, or make her sit with me in a meeting all day, but I just didn't have the time."

Then, Rachael got Driveway. Now she can automatically write a step-by-step guide just by doing her process. Once she's done, she exports it to Notion and shares it with her team.

“As a CEO of an early-stage company, saving time is essential - I love that Driveway takes what used to take hours of my and turns it into minutes."

Rachael and Carly added to-do’s and comments to Carly’s guides as her onboarding went on, giving them a template for their next sales hire.

“Driveway has made onboarding our rapidly growing team easy while keeping the experience personal for each new employee. Our team loves it and I sleep better knowing that we’re gaining efficiency as we expand.”

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