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Six Tips to Drive Customer Adoption of New Features

Putting time and resources into a new feature is half the work; showcasing your update to customers and attracting potential clients is the ultimate goal.

Often, companies fail to gain momentum after a feature is released while customers struggle to adapt to the changes you've introduced. To make the most of your new feature, here are six techniques to keep your customers engaged with product updates.

Chrissy DiBrigida
July 26, 2022
2 min read
1. Announce on Social Media
Social media is a quick and easy way to announce your company's newest features. Instagram's platform is a great starting point; the app provides stories, reels, and feed post options for various ways to highlight your latest update.

On your company's profile, curate posts highlighting your latest update. An Instagram reel or TikTok video can capture the function of your new feature in real-time, showing followers the intended way to navigate product changes. TikTok's "For You Page" delivers users personalized content, giving your video an opportunity to reach potential clients who need your service.

Attract visitors directly to your website by taking to Twitter for announcements with links to your product update and website. Retweeting is a great way to highlight media outlets and current customers that are talking about your update. To strengthen your social media network, suggest employees reshare company posts on their accounts and participate in your post's comment section to answer any follower questions that might arise.
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2. Update your Website/ Blog
Your new feature is valuable to your company's service and customer experience. On your business's website or blog page, create original content highlighting your update. Existing users often feel overwhelmed when they lack familiarity with a new feature. Including a "New Feature How-to Guide" within your post will provide transparency for users and help them adjust to product changes.

Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text in the human brain; by displaying step-by-step screenshots of your new feature, users will understand all aspects of your update at a faster retention rate.

Through revamped SEO and social media content, new features will drive traffic to your website, but without proper site promotion, your company could miss out on potential clients.

Announce new features on your homepage through banners or pop-up screens. Create a natural flow for website visitors that bridges the gap between engaging with your content and using your feature. Ease users into your update by linking website announcements to blog posts that empower visitors to engage with your service.

3. Email your customers
Don't let a new feature go unnoticed - even if it means writing an email to your customers directly. Instead, communicate exciting new features with clients via email.

Personalize your email to the strengths of your new feature and list ways your update can improve your client's experience.

To stir immediate interest, link new feature blog content and social media posts. Create opportunities for customers to engage with your new feature by including your How-To Guide or linking information to customer support. 
4. Notify Employees Via Messaging Platforms
Open communication is critical for troubleshooting concerns a new feature may bring. While email is great for sending mass announcements, utilize internal messaging platforms like Slack to communicate with employees about a new feature quickly.

Provide employees with guides on how to navigate a new feature or answer recurring questions from customers. To promote an update to clients, employees need to learn a new feature rather quickly. Create messaging channels where employees can ask questions and receive support from their coworkers. Message employees new feature training guides before the update publicly launches and remain mindful of employee concerns as they navigate product changes.

5. Send Out A Press Release
With more extensive product updates, consider a press release to enhance the visibility of your update. A press release informs platforms, like blogs, newspapers, and magazines, of newsworthy product improvements they believe readers will want to hear about.

A positive review of your product's update can enhance the legitimacy of your service since these news sources are often trusted by readers finding out about you for the first time.

Collaborate with journalists specializing in product updates and new features to increase credibility with the public about your company's growth. These company spotlights from outside media platforms can drive high-intent traffic to your website and increase conversion as qualified and interested readers learn about your service. 
6. Create a Training Guide/ Meet With Users
More significant feature updates can often seem overwhelming for clients. Consider meeting with users during a training session and field customer questions as you run through new features.

For your team, try a Chrome extension software, like Driveway, that automatically creates edits and shares interactive how-to guides in seconds for a streamlined new feature launch.

Users can revisit customizable walkthroughs for a streamlined knowledge-sharing experience. Training guides also help employees and clients familiarize themselves with updates and empower more productive work.
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