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How to custom brand your Driveway guides

Custom branding and the ability to share in-product walkthroughs with a link.

Chris Schilling
2 min read
September 18, 2022
We're back with more updates and improvements to We're excited to introduce two of our most-requested features:

Check out the video below and continue reading to learn more. 👇

🎨 Custom branding

Brand your Driveway guides with custom highlight colors and logos. You can now select a highlight color while capturing a guide and upload your company's logo in your workspace settings.
🔗 Driveway SDK

If you checked out the link in the section above, then you already know what this feature can do. The all-new Driveway SDK enables you to share in-product walkthroughs with just a link—no Chrome extension required.

Just add a line of code to your product, capture your Driveway guides, and share the links wherever your customers need support. With the Driveway SDK, you can give your customers a high-touch experience with self-serve efficiency.

This feature is currently in beta, but you can request access here.
And that's all for now! We hope you like these product changes. As always, please send any thoughts, feedback, or issues our way.

Does this work excite you?
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