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How to Use Writer's
Free AI Content Detector 🔎

Chrissy DiBrigida
August 18, 2023
1 min read
Ever wondered how search engines rank AI generated content? Believe it or not, content that is detected by crawlers as AI generated can plummet your search ranking!

With the help of Writer's free AI Content Detector, your business can create content knowing it's helping your search ranking rather than hurting it. Here's how to use the tool!

1.  Open the AI Content Detector and add the URL for your content
2.  Click the "Analyze text" button to receive your score
3.  Or, paste text directly into the "Add some text" box
4.  Then click "Analyze text" to receive your socre!

**We found the detector more accurate if you paste text directly compared to submitting a URL.

Simply paste your text or URL into Writer's easy-to-use AI Content detector and check up to 1,500 characters at a time. It's that easy!

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