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How to create an index of backlinks and synced blocks in Notion

Chrissy DiBrigida
December 5, 2022
1 min read

1. Navigate to a page, we used our individual blog post pages.

2. Insert your content, highlight it, and select "Synced block"

3. A tool bar will appear above you block, Click Copy and Sync

4. Navigate to a New page created for your index

5. Type /Toggle to create a tab for your index

6. Name your Tab, we used How SaaS Sales teams can set up email sequences in Hubspot

7. Under your tab paste your synced block and your content will appear

8. Click on your content to navigate to your linked page

9. Repeat to add more tags to your index!

Here are some more resources on how to organize your Notion:
- Getting started with Notion
- How to use Notion Columns in Toggle
- How to organize your Notion with links, backlinks, and synced blocks
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